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“I’m gonna wait till she reaches the crosswalk then run her over,” I explained calmly, despite the fear that crept inside me. It no longer seemed so easy, but I was glad I wasn’t alone.


One crime that changes the life of five young people forever. All of them finally make it into a big city, all of them are independent, making their own decisions for the first time. Thinking what possibilities the city would give them, they think they will make their dreams come true. Life is supposed to be fun and easy for young and full of hope people, but what if they are wrong and nothing goes as planned. What if life serves you curved balls one after another? What will you do to help yourself in a hapless situation? Will you kill to save your life?

MATILDA eng version (e-book)

zł29.99 Regularna cena
zł20.99Cena Rabatowa
  • Do wyboru format: PDF, mobi lub epub. 

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