After starting her internship, Matilda is convinced that her life will finally blossom. Kostek, who as an undergraduate took a leave of absence to throw himself into temp jobs to earn a living, seems to be just a step from realizing his plans. They need so little to be happy...

A novel about young people who live in a big city and are forced to make difficult decisions. Each of them tries to survive, become a better version of themselves and achieve something in life. Meanwhile, fate put obstacles in their way, turning their lives into an avalanche of hopelessness. Being faced with the choice of either accepting fate with humility or forcefully changing it, they are looking for ways out, which unfortunately sometimes are a dead end.

When you lose your ground, are no holds barred? How far can you go to escape the merciless fate?

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summer 2018

© 2018 by Karolina Wojciak

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